First Show Jitters

Last night, I had my first show of the Fall 2011, Cooking School season.  The show was held in Sheboygan, WI at one of the most beautiful theatres I have ever seen!  Being that it was my first show, of course, I had some jitters.  I double checked my equipment to make sure it was functioning properly, reviewed the mental list of things to do before the show,completed several sound checks, and even said a little prayer that everything would run without a hitch.  

I met with over 50 VIP guests before the show, and enjoyed answering all of their cooking questions. (Talking about food calms me considerably.) 

One question I was asked was about white whole wheat flour.  Check this link from King Arthur Flour for more interesting facts regarding this product.

Once I got started with the show, I had a few blitz and bumbles along the way, but all in all, it seemed to be going pretty good.  The audience was laughing at my silly jokes, all of the audio and video equipment were operating smoothly, and thankfully, there were no real equipment malfunctions or food “bloopers” .  By the last recipe, my jitters seemed to have disappeared!  

The final recipe is an ooey gooey, rich and delicious Agave chocolate cake.  I put the two cakes together with a raspberry glaze in the middle,  then poured a creamy chocolate glaze over the entire dessert.  To finish it off, I decorated the cake beautifully with fresh raspberries and bright green mint leaves.  The crowd cheered with delight!

I turned my head for two seconds, and as I was turning back around, I heard the entire audience gasp in unison!  The top layer of the cake slid completely off and directly on to the table!  

At first I panicked, and those familiar first show jitters started to raise their ugly head.  But something strange happened;  I began to laugh, and as I laughed, the whole audience laughed with me!  At that moment, I realized that all of the jitters and worries had been a huge waste of time.  The best part, of my first show, was actually the worst part, of my first show. 

Thanks to all of the people in Sheboygan, that laughed with me, instead of at me!  I won’t ever forget you!  

Happy Cooking!

Chef Dana


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